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Acadian Contractors, Inc. continues to grow!

Acadian Contractors is located in Abbeville, Louisiana on the Vermillion River. We opened our doors in 1973 and have grown to become one of the busiest, most in-demand, accurate and stable companies in the industry. Even so – most people have still never heard of us. Why do we remain one of the best kept secrets in oilfield construction? That’s simple… If you don’t make mistakes… you don’t make headlines.

We pride ourselves on treating all of our employees with respect, rewarding those who live up to expectations and providing the safest workplace and the highest standards when it comes to tools, technology and equipment. Our team works in over 100,000 square feet of fabrication shops located on 125 acres of yard on both sides of the Vermillion River with 2 water access slips, all just minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. This allows us to do big, long-term jobs with ease and accuracy.

Health Insurance  – Established 401k – Cafeteria Plan – Paid Vacation – Sick Leave – Short & Long Term Disability – Safety Incentive Program

Our commitment to safety is passionate and not just lip service to make a press release sound pretty…
An example of Acadian’s safety record is the recent Chevron Safety Award for 455,000 straight work hours without an OSHA recordable incident.
Safety is a Top Priority at Acadian Contractors, Inc.

Promote from within policy. Average Acadian employee tenure: 18 years


      1. Show up to Work “ON TIME” & “As Scheduled”
      2. Complete and discuss a thorough JSEA prior to each task.
      3. Abrades surfaces of metal or hard-composition objects to remove adhering scale, sand, paint, grease, tar, rust, and dirt, and to impart specified finish, using abrasive-blasting equipment.
      4. Shovels or pours abrasives, such as sand, grit, or shot of specified grade into machine hopper.
      5. Mask specified areas of object to protect from abrading reaction.
      6. Duties require loading parts on racks in enclosed rooms, onto blasting platforms, or into cabinets
      7. Controls valves on equipment to regulate pressure and composition of abrasive mixture flowing through nozzle.
      8. Starts & monitors the equipment that directs blast or flow of abrasive-laden compressed air, gas, or liquid over surfaces of parts.
      9. Manually directs nozzle over surface of large parts or inserts arms through glove-fitted cabinet openings and manipulates small parts under nozzle for specified interval.
      10. Responsible for examining finished products to ensure conformance to specifications.
      11. Applies paint, epoxy, enamel, and other finishes to equipment, buildings, bridges, and/or other structures, using brushes, spray guns, or rollers.
      12. Applies primers or sealers to prepare new surfaces, such as different types of metals, for finish coats.
      13. Calculates amounts of required materials and estimate costs, based on surfaces measurements and/or work orders.
      14. Covers surfaces with drop-cloths or masking tape and paper to protect surfaces during painting. Protects the surrounding environment by adhering to the best management practices associated with task procedures.
      15. Always have a positive attitude towards customers being serviced as well as ACI as a company.
      16. Sweep work area daily or as needed, to ensure safe work area for all
      17. Personal Tools and Protective Equipment Requi                                   
        1. • Long Sleeves Shirt**                                
        2. • Hard Hat**    
        3. • Safety Glasses**                                                        
        4. • Gloves**                        
        5. • Steel Toe Boots